The Best Home Bodyweight Workout Routine For Beginners(Workout C)

This is the last article of the series. I hope you’re enjoying and benefiting from this Home Bodyweight Workout Series. If you’re new to this series I recommend reading the previous articles to understand how the series is structured so that everything makes sense for you. Without wasting any time, lets get started.

Exercises For Workout C

1> Squat Jump

Unlike the image, you don’t need a box to perform this movement. You can perform Squat Jumps on the ground.

This exercise uses your lower body muscles as well as your core: abdominals, glutes, hamstrings, and lower back. The squat jump exercise ranks near the top of the list for developing explosive power using only an athlete’s body weight. Even though this exercise is explosive in nature, it should be performed in a controlled manner rather than jumping around like a maniac.

2> Lunges

This exercise targets your quad, glutes, hamstrings, hip flexors and calves. It is also an excellent cardiovascular exercise. You will also engage muscles that stabilize the core and hips, those that are used for rotational movements, and even improve ankle stability.

3> Inverted Rows

Inverted Rows

The inverted rows is my favorite exercise on this list. Why? Because it is one of the best Bodyweight Exercise to work the back muscle. It primarily works the muscles of the upper back—the trapezius and latissimus dorsi—as well as the biceps as a secondary muscle group. It is also a great way for beginners to build mind muscle connection with the back muscles and learn about their back musculature.

4> Decline Push-Ups

Decline Push-Ups
Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

The main benefit of doing decline pushups is building strong upper chest muscles. In a decline pushup, your arms push up and away from your torso. This movement works your upper pecs and the muscles in your shoulders. When done regularly, decline pushups will help increase your overall upper-body strength.

5> Dumbbell Lateral Raises

Dumbbell Lateral Raise

The Dumbbell Lateral Raise(our back-pack lateral Raises) is an excellent way to work the lateral head(medial head) of the shoulder while staying at home. Make sure you don’t stuff your bag with too many books as it’ll be difficult to lift which may cause injuries in the future. Make sure to lift the weight that you can manage or maybe a bit lighter and work your way up as you gain some lifting experience.

6> Reverse Crunches

The Reverse Crunch works your entire core with special emphasis to your lower abs. The reverse crunch also puts your abs under tension for a long period of time, maximising the benefits to your stomach muscles.

The Bottom Line

Squat Jump310-202 min
Lunges310-202 min
Inverted Rows310-202 min
Decline Push-Ups310-202 min
Lateral Dumbbell Raises38-122 min
Reverse Crunches 3Until Failure2 min
Workout C

This brings us to the end of this workout and the SBF Home Workout Series too. If you’ve any doubts regarding this series, please hit us up in the comment section down below!

Always make safety a priority, do not try lifting or performing any exercise that you’re yet incapable of. Also, make sure you warm up before working out and cool down afterwards. Tell us about your experience with this workout, share your results and don’t forget to share this series with your friends if you liked it.



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