The Best Home Bodyweight Workout Routine For Beginners(Quarantine Edition)

Halfway through the first quarter of the year 2020, the gyms throughout the world started looking like this and the demand of Home Bodyweight Workout skyrocketed.

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What happened? The Corona virus pandemic.

Now that the gyms are opening up again, you are forced to make a choice — Do I workout at home or join the gym?

If you are someone who is just starting out(a beginner), let me make the choice for you.

Workout at Home.

Why? Head to the next section of the article to find out!

The Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercises

1> It’s free

You don’t have to go through the trouble of buying yourself a gym membership. All you need is some empty place to workout. Preferably a yoga mat and some heavy objects that you can use in place of dumbbells like two bags filled with books.

2> Increases Mobility & Provides better balance

Bodyweight training can go hand-in-hand with building strength and flexibility. Completing bodyweight exercises through a full range of motion ensures your joints are moving freely. Plus, it can lead to improved posture and might reduce the chance of exercise-related injury.

As you progress in Bodyweight movements, you start doing exercises like Pistol Squats and Handstand Push Ups which, by the way, are really advance movements and no beginner will do them but the point is that you need to have a lot of control and balance in your body in order to pull exercises like these off and that is what bodyweight exercises help you in.

3> It Builds Strength & Endurance

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you would have already heard of the term “strength-endurance continuum” and if you’re new to the world of fitness, let me simplify things for you. When you lift relatively heavier weights with low repetitions you trigger something called “mechanical tension” and when you lift relatively lighter weights with high repetitions you tend to trigger something called “metabolic stress”. The former is the primary driver of muscle growth and hypertrophy while the latter builds endurance.

Now, what happens with bodyweight workouts is that you work in the middle of the continuum, that is, bodyweight workouts tend to include higher repetitions than traditional weight-based resistance training, you receive the additional benefit of building muscular endurance with the primary benefit of muscle building.

4> Builds Foundations

Bodyweight exercises provide an excellent foundation for someone who is just starting out. Bodyweight exercises are generally safer and are recommended even if you lift weights in the gym. Push-Ups, Pull-Ups and Bodyweight Squat are a must for anyone who’s working out at home.

5> Builds Core Strength

Most of the Bodyweight exercises involve your core. Any time you move your body through space, your core works hard to stabilize and maintain correct alignment through your body. After you’ve developed a good level of abdominal strength through direct work, bodyweight training can serve as an effective means of maintaining it after that.

Why Do Most Of The Bodyweight Programs Fail?

When you search on the internet for Home Bodyweight Workouts, a plethora of results will pop up claiming to be the “Last Bodyweight Workout you’ll ever need” or “The Best Home Bodyweight Workout”(ironical, huh?) but most of them are just not worth your time. They are the workouts that are built around an ad, trying to sell you something, maybe their own PAID home bodyweight workout routine? Now don’t get me wrong, some of them are good but how would a person who’s just starting out know? And because of situations like these, people lose hope and never start their fitness journey.

The second thing that needs to be addressed is that most of the articles on the internet talk about the benefits of the subject but not it’s limitations, asking you to throw your gym membership away because apparently their bodyweight routine is better at building Muscle & Strength rather than doing Bench Press, Deadlifts, Military Presses, and Squats.

Now, lets address the elephant in the room, shall we?

The Limitations Of Home Bodyweight Workouts

1> Less Rewarding

Sure, Bodyweight Exercises help you build muscle and endurance but they are not the fastest way to do that. I mean, the benefits are great but it takes years to master the advanced bodyweight exercises and busy professionals don’t have that. Hence, training with weights is a better option.

2> Low Posterior Chain Overload

The biggest problem with bodyweight training is its lack of sufficient posterior chain overload. When it comes to building Chest, Shoulders or Triceps; the bodyweight exercises work just fine but when it comes to hitting the back, nothing beats barbells and dumbbells. That is why intermediate or advanced trainees should prefer working out with Weights rather than relying on their own bodyweight.

3> Difficulty In Progression

It’s common knowledge that with time you’ll get used to the stress that you’re facing and you’ll be needing to work your way against more force to grow. It’s not only true in Fitness but in Life.

Now, the problem with Bodyweight Exercises is that they are difficult to progress. It tends to focus on increasing repetitions but not weight, and this is great for building muscle endurance, but not size and strength.

Sure, you can move onto a difficult version of the same exercise but at the end of the day, you’ll have to wear a weighted vest in order to make your Push-Ups harder as doing 50 Push-Ups at the most difficult version won’t be as effective as doing 135 lbs Bench Presses.

A Small Note About Nutrition

No matter what exercises you’re doing in the gym or how effective they are, your muscles will not grow unless you provide them with proper nutrition and rest.

It is recommended that you provide your body with 7-9 hours of optimized sleep in order to ace your recovery.

If you’re someone who’s already lean and wants to gain muscle, I would recommend you check this article out.

And If you’re someone who wants to lose weight while building muscle, you should probably give this article a read.

How Does The SBF Home Workout Series Function?

Now that you’ve a basic understanding of Bodyweight Workouts, it’s pros and cons and what should you be expecting out of it. Lets get started with the series.

In this Series, I’ll give you three Full Body Workouts viz., Workout A, Workout B and Workout C.

The equipment that you’ll need are pretty basic, two bags filled with books to the level that you can handle or anything that you can use in place of a Dumbbell.


I already told you, bodyweight exercises have several limitations and in order to make things work, we’ll have to be creative. I mean, I’ll have to be creative, you just need to understand what I’m trying to say and follow the instructions.

As we have already discussed, we’ll be working with a higher number of repetitions ranging from 10-30. If you cannot make it to 10 reps, then the exercise is too difficult for you, and you should either switch to an easier variation or remove some weight from the tools that we’ll be using(remove some books from the bag). If you can do more than 30 reps on the exercise, don’t start churning out reps, just move on to a difficult variation of the exercise or add some weight.

We’ll be doing 3 sets of each exercise and you’ll be taking each set to technical failure, that is, you’ll stop 2-3 reps before hitting absolute failure where you cannot do any more sets.

The rest time between each exercise will be 2 mins, if you’re someone who has been working out for a month or so, you may reduce the time to 1.30 mins or according to your preference but don’t make it too hard or easy for yourself. Just keep up with the flow.

Now lets see how the workouts is distributed throughout the week.

Workout ARestWorkout BRestWorkout CRestRest/Cardio
Workout Distribution Chart

As you can see, we’ll be doing workout on alternate days of the week except for the weekends. If you want to lose some extra weight, you can throw in some cardio on Sunday but if you are already lean and your goal is to build muscle, you probably don’t need cardio.

Now that you understand everything lets get started with the Workouts, Starting with Workout A.



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Really Informative!
Thank You Author for a deep Analysis of the Topic. Ur doing a really good job.

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