How to Do The Dumbbell Shrug: The Complete Guide

Dumbbell Shrug targets your traps along with improving your grip strength as you hold the dumbbells in your arms. The Dumbbell Shrug can be included in your workout on the shoulder day, back day, pull day, upper body day, or when you’re doing a full-body workout.

The Dumbbell Shrug is an isolation exercise and hence it is generally performed for 8-12 reps with moderate weight. Now let us learn how to do them.

Dumbbell Shrugs
Image by Pavel Jurča from Pixabay

Learning The Dumbbell Shrug

  1. Stand with your feet put together with your spine straight and your shoulder blades retracted.
  2. Hold the dumbbell in both your arms with a neutral grip.
  3. Now elevate your shoulders to lift the dumbbells upwards with a slight bend in the elbow.
  4. Squeeze at the top and return to the initial position.


  • Posture – Keep your spine in a neutral position, look straight, keep a slight bend in the elbows, your feet together and your shoulder blades retracted.
  • Momentum – Avoid using momentum to get the exercise done. Perform the exercise in a slow and controlled fashion. Pausing at the top will help improve the mind muscle connection.
  • Neck – Don’t allow the head to jut forward excessively as you squeeze the traps, this can put the neck in a compromised position and result in an injury.



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