Dirty Bulking: Everything You Need To Know


What most people want out of a fit lifestyle is lean attractive physique, for someone who is underweight or is planning to gain muscle mass there are only two ways to go about it viz., The Lean Bulk or The Dirty Bulk. I have already discussed Lean Bulking in detail in another article and I would highly recommend you check that out. In this article, we will discuss about Dirty Bulking, What is it and Why is it inferior to Lean(or Clean) Bulking.

Dirty Bulking Food
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What Is Dirty Bulking?

Dirty Bulking is a relatively simple process, all you have to do is train hard and eat as much as you can. The idea is to fit in as many calories as you can so that you put on size in the shortest amount of time. It does not really matter from where the calories are coming from ; junk food or fruits, it is all the same.Even though it might sound lucrative and something that you can totally pull off but it does not get the work done. What we really need out of a program is significant muscle gain with the least amount of fat gain but unfortunately it is not the case with dirty bulking. Here, in addition to the muscle gains that you make, you also end up gaining a lot of fat which is highly undesirable.

Gaining Too Much Fat And Hormonal Disturbances

The biggest problem with dirty bulking is that you simply gain too much fat in the process. Not only does it take a toll on your appearance but gaining fat further accelerates fat storage and slows down muscle growth which means your tendency to put on fat increases as your body fat percentage increases. The reason being, as your body fat increases, your insulin sensitivity drops and a higher insulin resistance leads to decrease in protein syntheses, the likelihood of excessive weight gain increases and ability to burn fat decreases.

The more your body is sensitive to insulin, the better it can build muscle and resist excessive fat gain.

Another thing that happens when body fat percentage increases are that the testosterone levels decrease and estrogen levels increase. As testosterone is the primary hormone for muscle growth and high levels of estrogen promotes fat storage, so you see how gaining fat is detrimental to achieving an ideal physique.

Clean Bulking Vs Dirty Bulking

By now a vast majority of you reading this article must have already made up your minds as to what approach you want to follow but still, I wanted to give a little more insight without going into a lot of heavy details.

When you are clean bulking you are expected to maintain a small caloric surplus of about 5-10% with regular strength training and cardio as needed while dirty bulking demands a large caloric surplus with regular strength training. Now, even though you might feel more buffed up with the dirty bulking protocol, it is not advisable as you are eating food merely as calories which are certainly not true as the calories that come from pizza are not the same as that from a healthy fruit or vegetable or a lean protein source such as chicken. The amount of muscle growth that you will experience with clean bulking might be slower than the dirty bulk but it will be more consistent you will not have to go through the grueling cutting phase after the bulk is over which will indirectly save you a lot of time.

The Bottom Line

Clean bulking is a better alternative as compared to dirty bulking for a natural lifter. Not only is it more practical to follow but also healthier alternative as you will be eating more fresh food as compared to the processed junk that dirty bulking allows you to eat and in turn your body will look and feel healthier and more active which will drastically decrease food related diseases and also boost up your immunity.

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