Captain Sinbad Ran A Mile Every Day For 30 Days. Here’s What Happened!

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Since the Coronavirus outbreak, a lot of us have been spending a lot of time inside our homes and like most of the things, our fitness levels have taken a huge hit. A lot of people have taken up running as a form of exercise to stay active and get some fresh air in.

Youtuber, Captain Sinbad aka Nikhil Pandey, in one of his videos took up a challenge to run a mile everyday for 30 days and he has pretty interesting things to talk about.

Cap. starts off by talking about a book called Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain and how it talks about a compound called BDNF(Brain-derived neurotrophic factor). He says, “While Neurotransmitters carry out signalling, neurotrophins such as BDNF build and maintain cell circuitry and as it turns out, aerobic exercises in particular increases BDNF which in turn increases altertness, motivation and the ability to learn.”

Captain Sinbad
Nikhil Pandey

Cap. starts off the first day of running at a pace of 8 minutes and 14 seconds. On day 3, He says, “I’m really enjoying this challenge and running is profoundly good for once mental health” As he completes day 8, he says that he can feel the benefits kicking in, “I can sort of feel the neurogenesis happening, I can feel my brain happier, more alert and there’s also been a little bit of fat loss

Cap. says that as he continued with the challenge he felt the need for more and more movement in his daily life. His pace improved with time and on day 16, his pace was 7 minutes 34 seconds which is a decent improvement from the initial 8 minutes 14 seconds. On day 21, he says, “I ran my one mile in 7 minutes and 14 seconds, its been incremental but I’ve been getting faster everytime. Its really beautiful, its a great feeling to see the progress in the actual number

On hitting the 30-day mark, He says that he can really feel the momentum that he gets by running a mile daily. He quotes his buddy Tyler Babin(who is not his buddy but he wants him to be, just like Cap. is not my buddy but I want him to be. xD). He says, “You have to be a shark, when things go astray or when things fall apart as they so often do, you have to keep that mentality of someone who’s going to continue to move in the direction of the things that they want and like sharks, sharks never stop swimming from the second they’re born and they continue swimming because if they don’t they’ll die

Personally speaking, I feel like getting any form of exercise first thing in the morning gives you that feeling of accomplishment and gets you going throughout the day through which you can get a lot of things done and don’t feel motionless which a lot of us have been feeling during this pandemic.

He finishes the video by saying, “What I found from this 30 day challenge is that a great way to reflect a new environment, a positive environment in which mindset, alertness, attention and motivation are all optimized is through running. Running is something I’m definitely going to implement more and more in my exercise routine and for those of us who are willing to optimize our bodies alongside our mindsets, to us I say, GREATNESS IS COMING

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