Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tells Us How To Make a Protein Shake

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably one of the most looked up to personalities in the world of bodybuilding and weightlifting. There is nothing this man cannot do; from bodybuilding to acting and expanding to politics; he’s surely achieved a lot in his life.

In a video with Men’s Health, Arnold told everybody how he actually makes his protein shake. You’ll find the exact composition of the protein shake at the end of this article.

In the video, He says that he doesn’t always make the protein shake with clean hands just to keep his immunity going. The surprising thing in the video is when he puts a raw egg in it, not surprising enough? Well, he does it without breaking the egg open, the whole egg along with the shell because shell is a great source of calcium and certain minerals your body needs.

Protein Shake Recipe:

  • 250ml of almond milk
  • 60ml of cherry juice
  • 1 banana
  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • 1 raw egg (including shell)

Also, he advises people not to obsess over the technicalities of weightlifting and just do it. While that might not be the most optimized and safest way of weightlifting for better health but you can see his point behind saying all this.

Some people get into the habit of analysis paralysis which prohibits them from doing anything they would want to. So, what he actually wants to convey is to just go ahead workout anytime you can fit it in your schedule, eat good healthy food without obsessing too much about the timing of things and thinking about it all the time.

We’ve been thinking of making more such articles around famous personalities and what they do to maintain their fitness levels. If you guys have any suggestions for us, let us know in the comments down below! Cheers.

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