I believe that not every individual takes up Strength Training with a goal to become a Professional Bodybuilder or an Athlete but to lead a fit lifestyle and look good. With so much information thrown around in the Fitness Industry, it is easy to get confused and lose focus but it does not have to be that way. Most of the fancy things the fitness industry is trying to sell you, is not what you need.

I’m a CPD & IAOTH Certified Fitness Consultant and I’m here to guide you through the process. Not only will we be going through what to do but also why are we doing this and what is the best way to do that particular thing. I want to educate the masses about Fitness and how you can apply it in your life without having to make a lot of effort in the process.

Simplicity is the key. Our mission is to try and simplify everything for you – From Exercise and Nutrition to the Finer Aspects of Well Being like Healthy Habits and Self Improvement. Welcome to Science Behind Fitness – Fitness Simplified.


Exercise Guides & Customized Workout Plans.


Researched articles on What, How & When to eat for different Fitness Goals.

Lifestyle & Motivation

Lifestyle Hacks, Transformation Guides & Motivation that you need to advance not only in Fitness but also in Life.